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The Rainbows for Kate Foundation was established in October 2007 in memory of Kate Boyson, who passed away just 5 months after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Rainbows for Kate aims to raise funds to enable critical research into Sarcoma cancers, a group of cancers found in the connective tissues of the body that affect mostly children and young people. 

Our hope is that by providing funding for vital research into Sarcoma cancers, we will give those people affected by them access to wider, more effective treatment options. 

Sarcoma cancers are relatively uncommon types of cancer, and therefore understandably receive much more limited funding from Government bodies. They are also however typically aggressive cancers and relatively little is known about them compared to other types of cancer. The funding Rainbows for Kate provides is extremely important so that new research may be undertaken that would otherwise not ever be done. 

Since the Foundation began, we have been overwhelmed by the incredible support we have received from those that knew Kate or learnt of her story. Kate inspired us all in her life and her passing now inspires us to try and make a difference to others.

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