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Kate's Story

On the 14th of May 2007, Kate Boyson was admitted to hospital with a haemorrhaging kidney. A tumor on the kidney was removed and subsequently diagnosed as being malignant. We were initially informed by our doctors that regardless of the malignancy, Kate’s problem would have been solved given cancers of this nature are usually confined to the single organ.

Unfortunately Kate had a very different, very aggressive kind of cancer. Kate’s cancer was most closely defined by her oncologist as being a “Ewing Sarcoma”; an extremely aggressive cancer about which there is little information currently available.

Within one week of the kidney being removed it was discovered that Kate’s cancer had already spread to her lungs. Despite several rounds of chemotherapy the cancer proved impossible to arrest. There was little the doctors could do and there were no clinical trial drugs available either.

Kate passed away on the 13th of October 2007, just five months after her initial diagnosis. She was an adored wife to Marcus and a wonderful mother to 9-month old Scarlett and two and half year old Eloise. Kate was 32 years old.

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